The Secret Language of Cats

The Secret Language of Cats

The Secret Language of Cats
Project Type

Website Development


This project was inspired by data I collected over two weeks on the behavior of my tabby cat Mia and my ragdoll cat Bianca. After this data was collected I researched the behaviors my cats most often displayed to uncover the meaning behind these actions. By viewing the behaviors through an animation, the site would hopefully help new cat owners understand why their cat may be acting a certain way.

Research and Development

The original research took place over a week of time in which I listed the behaviors I noticed and which cat engaged in these. I then developed sketches for a website layout and early drawings of animations.

Gathered Data
Animation Process

The site has a total of nine cat behaviors and animations. These animation were first hand sketched, then brought into Adobe Illustrator to make them vectors. Once the vectors were complete the animation was done in Adobe After Effects as a video and finally converted to a GIF file in Adobe Photoshop.

Cat Animation Sketch
Cat Animation Process Vector
Cat Animation GIF
Final Site

The final site features all created animations, all research conducted and a page with research sources.