Tatiana Barela

My belief is that design can inspire and impact the lives of others through any application including subjects of activism or entertainment; therefore I strive to be open to the knowledge and suggestions of others and enjoy bringing multiple ideas together. Inspired by this philosophy, I think about the possible future technological applications of design and how historic design developments can be applicable in the digital realm. Specifically, I ask myself how new breakthroughs in web based technology can be integrated to create designs that are engaging and playful. This can be observed in my website design for POWERUP in which CSS animation and animated GIFS are incorporated along with responsive HTML and CSS. My dream is to have the opportunity to explore applying these philosophies to user interface design and to one day design the user interface for a mobile based game.

Historical Influences

Art and graphic design is a reflection of developments and human thought throughout the course of history. Therefore it is important for designers to consider the influences and developments of multiple historical influences to best evaluate the most effective communication to use as inspiration for a project. An example of a historic artwork that has had an impact on my understanding of storytelling is Las Meninas by Diego Velázquez. The reason for this isn’t necessarily the style of the painting, but rather the hidden details of the painting that convey a story, such as King Philip IV and his wife in the background mirror, Velázquez’s own figure present within the painting and multiple historical paintings hung on the wall behind the figures.

Contemporary Influences

In my spare time I engage with media that features a multitude of design styles and functions including, television, music, movies and video games. In particular, I especially enjoy watching animated music videos such as RUDO Company’s video work for the band Siamés. The ability to convey messages and character motives in a timely format is incredible to me! Playing mobile and video games in my spare time has also influenced my dreams and aspirations. While I partake in this hobby I pay close attention to the user interface of these applications to determine what is and isn’t working from a user’s perspective.


All type present on this site is Montserrat, created by the graphic designer Julieta Ulanovsky and later updated by Jacques Le Bailly in 2017. This site is powered by WordPress and GoDaddy. Customized theme is Honshi – Elementor Creative Theme. Credit to Pixabay for all free stock photography. Special thanks to the creations that activated my passion for design and continue to inspire me.