Project Type

Static and Animated Display Ads


At Communications Strategy Group, I had the opportunity to create numerous digital creative flights for multiple clients, which included the creation of static and animated web ads. One such flight I created the designed ads for was an advertisement series for ASCD’s 2023 Annual Conference. The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) is an organization with the goal to empower educators. This includes promoting resources such as informative books to assist educators in elevating their teaching practices, as well as running events that bring teachers together.

Working alongside CSG’s Strategy Group members, writers within CSG’s Studio, and CSG’s Innovation Team, we were able to post multiple sets of ads to promote ASCD’s conference.

ASCD’s website is linked below for reference:

Static Display Ads for Social

Initially the client provided me with a previously designed flyer promoting their event that they wanted to be the inspiration for the visuals and elements of the ads. A primary focus of this visual was oval elements incorporated alongside text that featured the use of multiple of ASCD’s brand colors.

Using the reference they provided as inspiration, I created static ads for Facebook and LinkedIn as well as Native SEM Ads. I also mocked these ads up in the determined format with the copy provided by the writing team for the client to review.

I’ve provided examples of these mockups on the right.

Animated Display Ads

The animated ads for this creative flight were initially designed frame-by-frame in Adobe XD for the client, Strategy Group and Creative Director to review. Once the frames and animation ideas were approved, I began creating each ad in Bannerwise. On the right is a playlist of some of the the different sizes I created for multiple platforms including mobile, tablet and desktop.

Adding motion to these ads was a fun and challenging process as I thought about the layout of each oval element and how they would move into and out of frames, while also adjusting to the lines of copy. My hope was that the continuously adjusting visual would capture the viewers attention, ensuring that they would watch the ad through to the CTA.