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Social Media and Documents


While working for Communications Strategy Group (CSG) as a Graphic Designer I had the privilege of creating multiple designed outcomes for Christian Brothers Investment Services, Inc. (CBIS). CBIS is an investment firm that helps investors earn competitive financial return that align with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Working alongside CSG’s Strategy Group members and the client, I designed various documents for CBIS and social media posts.

CBIS’s website is linked below for reference:


In late 2022, CBIS expressed the desire to adjust the look and feel of their documents to feature less stock photography based on audeince feedback. With support from fellow designer Lindsay Powell and members of CSG’s Strategy Group, I worked on creating templates for their various informative documents that featured the use of relevant icons paired with copy, rather than stock photography. The team and I also determined the various brand colors CBIS listed in their standards guide could be incorporated to represent different topics.

Once these templates were finalized, CBIS requested that the Strategy Group and I use these templates for future documents. I’ve included the CRI document as an example. The CRI document in particular uses the blue from their color palette, while documents that cover different topics such as the economy or financial advice, feature a different color variation of the template. While the template provided the general layout and visual appearance, each document still required customization based on the amount of text per page with strict guidelines of 200 words per page along with customized iconography and employee photos to be included.

CBIS Social Media

Working alongside the Strategy Group and the client, I created most of CBIS’s social media posts in 2022 and 2023. The focus of these posts was to keep them simple, with a design flare akin to CBIS’s unique brand colors and style. Thus, I often used gradients of CBIS’s brand colors over images, texture patterns in the background and simplistic icons.

In 2023 the Strategy Group recommended incorporating animated social posts. With this design request, I focused on animating the icons with an emphasis on moving specific elements within the icons to further support the focus and story of the post and copy.