Hoban Law Group Internship

Hoban Law Group Internship

Hoban Law Group 2020 Internship
Hoban Law Group

Social Media Intern


Hoban Law Group (HLG) is a local law firm located in Denver, Colorado, that strives to advance the global cannabis industry by providing support services to all areas within the industry, encompassing both the commercial, regulated marijuana industry and the industrial hemp industry. During my internship at HLG I worked under the Chief Marketing Officer and Creative Director of The Hoban Minute, Halston Puchek. I collaborated with connections of Halston’s such as Kacie Griffith, the Project and Social Media Manager at Backcountry Digital and Huntz Colburn from Backcountry Digital. It was through these connection that I receive training on Google Analytics, Facebook Creator Studio and HubSpot. With the help of these individuals I had the opportunity to create graphics for 3+ new and already existing social media campaigns, including the conceptualization of a Women’s Week Campaign. I was also given the freelance opportunity to redesign HLG’s Welcome Package.

My full internship journal is viewable below:

Introduction Video

The first priority project I was assigned was to create an intro video to be used at any Digital Conferences HLG attended. At these virtual conferences HLG would have an online booth space users could interact with.

To best introduce HLG to participants Halston and I determined the video would include HLG’s mission, value statement, vision and practice areas. All colors and text were chosen based on existing brand standards. The icons for the practice areas were inspired by existing icons on their website. All graphics were created in Illustrator and then animated in After Effects. As my first creative project, the video provided the opportunity to familiarize myself with HLG and their brand standards.

Women Week Social Campaign

The next project was developing a social media campaign to spotlight the women attorneys of HLG. This process included gathering information for the campaign, planning out the posting schedule and creating the post content, such as text and post imagery. This also included proposing the original idea for the campaign based on data from Google Analytics. According to the data in early June, 62.6% of website views were from men and 37.4% were from women. Therefore, I wanted to address this by spotlighting important women in the industry.

With Kacie Griffith’s supervision I worked on scheduling out the content for Women’s Week in a document, providing links to the posts within the Google Drive folder, and adding content such as quotes to be posted and THM episodes to promote that featured women guests. To the right includes samples on the final graphics I created for the campaign.

The Hoban Minute Guest Assets

My assignment was to create shareable social media images that could be sent to guests that were featured on The Hoban Minute (THM). These images could then be shared on the guests social media accounts to promote their episode and THM.

I determined the final image should display THM logo, the guest’s name, title and the episode number. I believed it was important to both advertise the guest through their title and specify the episode’s number. It was also decided later with Halston’s feedback, that the logos of sites with posted episodes should be included as well.

Hoban Law Group Welcome Package

As a freelance project I was asked to redesign Hoban Law Group’s Welcome Package. The purpose of the Welcome Package was to introduce potential clients to HLG and provide bios for the recommended attorney team to represent the client. The package also included sales information and agreement forms.

The PDF package was updated so that it was interactive and allowed clients to virtually sign and click links to webpages with more information. In particular each of the boxed practice areas viewable on the right could take the client to webpages with further information if clicked. The design of the package was also adjusted to better fit with current brand standards that can be observed on HLG’s instagram.