Project Type

Website Development


In this project I was tasked to design a speculative responsive website for the POWERUP 4.0 Kickstarter by POWERUP TOYS, a company that created electric paper airplanes. My concept was to use animation to create playful elements against a white background as if floating on the page. I organized the information so that the home page focused on the general brand and products while the interior pages concentrated on detailing the new features of POWERUP 4.0 and showcasing the kits and products.

Process and Development

I was inspired by the Kickstarter’s infographic colors as I developed the initial wireframes. My goal was to conceptualize the layout to grasp what information was needed on the home page vs what could appear elsewhere on an inside sample page. I also wanted to create a site with cohesive use of the brand that was established on their Kickstarter page. Thus, I created all infographics on the page in Illustrator inspired by existing designs on their Kickstarter. 

Responsive UI Comps

For both pages I developed early concept mockups for the responsive positioning of elements on the page. While these later adjusted once the format was visibly built for desktop, the initial sketches assisted in understanding how certain elements could move to best accommodates the viewer’s ability to read the text and receive all important information whether on tablet or mobile.

POWERUP Sketch Files
POWERUP Sketch Files

The final homepage is focused on displaying the core functions of POWERUP’s airplanes including a GIF that displays how to fold around the machine and what the app offers. The bottom of the page is intended to help the user navigate the website with a button that goes to an informational page on POWERUP 4.0.

The final POWERUP 4.0 page displays the information that was important to advertising the new product, including an illustration with details of the product and GIFS that display advertised features.

Lastly the site also includes a products page that outlines their current kits and links to the appropriate pages to purchase the products.