Project Type

Branding, Team Collaboration

Team Members

Kailee Bye & Kandice Cleveland


Vitalwear is a speculative adhesive bandage based on new Skin Display technologies that can read the vitals of its user and also give reminders on daily medicines and other medical needs. The concept for the transparent bandage is that it can be wrapped around the users arm and displays vital information through LED lights without the need of a screen. The technology can also connect to a mobile application allowing family members and users to check the patient’s vitals and create reminders through other technologies. Based on these speculations the following mission statement was developed:

Vitalwear’s adhesive wearable technology empowers the elderly and disabled by providing comfort, awareness, and immediacy.
Early Development

My teammates and I each developed a persona for our product. The persona I developed was our neutral persona. Our neutral persona is an individual that does not need the product for herself but wants to support someone she knows who requires it. The focus of my initial sketches was to visualize the curve of the product around the arm. The curve of the product and circular forms could mirror the health support system we intended to offer the patient through our technology.

Neutral Persona
Logo Development
Final Logo and Safe Space

With teammates Kailee and Kandice, we developed a final logo based on our individual logo sketches that displays the technological element of the product and features an organic shape to emulate the shape of the bandage. Kandice Cleveland developed the shape of the logo, I added the inside graphics and Kailee Bye set the type layout. I also mocked up a safe space and text positioning graphic.

Final Logo
Mobile Application

As an example of a brand application I created the UI of a mobile application that could connect to the bandage. I felt it was important to show features that were intrinsically linked to the users daily needs including the initial home screen, the vitals overview screen, the reminders introduction menu and a page of active reminders.

Mobile Screens
Mobile Screens